Property Managers: Reduce Your Risk By Screening Your Tenants

There are jobs associated with risk. For example – police, firefighter and astronaut. Police catch criminals on the run. Firefighters endure intense flames to battle blazes. Astronauts encounter rough conditions in outer space. Unfortunately risk is part of their job. Property managers also face risk, however unlike other jobs, this can be drastically mitigated.

Property managers may let a prospective renter live in an apartment without screening them properly. That renter may be the ideal resident, with no criminal history and no incident reports. On the other hand, they could be renting out to a problematic tenant, with a criminal history and sketchy rent payment history. Don’t take that risk.

With theRRD’s Tenant Screening feature, you don’t have to. We give you access to a prospective tenant’s credit, bankruptcy and criminal history. We also include our proprietary incident reporting, which combines information collected daily that allows for tracking and recording of leasing incidents and violations that occur on the property. Stop taking a gamble with your tenants.

To get a “risk-free” quote, head on over to our tenant screening page.

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